UKITES by PBC Seeks Partnership to Deliver Fuel Management System for Potential Client in Accra, Ghana

London, United Kingdom – UKITES by PBC, a renowned provider of complex IT solutions, is excited to announce its intention to apply for an upcoming project initiated by a potential client in Accra, Ghana. The project aims to install a comprehensive Fuel Management System (FMS) to manage and monitor fuel levels, usage, and GPS tracking on generators, delivery trucks, residences, and storage tanks. UKITES by PBC is seeking qualified vendors to collaborate on this significant opportunity.

The potential client in Accra, Ghana, is seeking proposals from experienced and capable vendors to supply and install a complete Fuel Management System (FMS) that meets the project’s specifications. The FMS will be responsible for controlling and recording crucial information related to fuel levels, usage, management, and GPS tracking of fuel delivery trucks. With numerous leased and government-owned generators located throughout Accra, the embassy requires a robust and reliable system to streamline fuel management operations.

As a leading global IT solutions provider, UKITES by PBC has successfully developed and implemented its own fuel management system in the past, implemented at the governmental level, military level, police, and private sector. Thus, solidifying its deep understanding of the complexities involved in this domain. By forging partnerships with reliable and experienced local companies, UKITES by PBC aims to ensure the success of this project and cater to the unique needs of the Ghanaian market.

UKITES by PBC intends to partner with a qualified and experienced vendor to jointly deliver the Fuel Management System for the client’s project in Accra, Ghana. By combining their respective expertise and capabilities, the partnership aims to provide a comprehensive and tailored solution that effectively meets the embassy’s fuel management requirements.

The selected vendor will work closely with UKITES by PBC and the client to ensure the successful installation of devices, training, and maintenance of the Fuel Management System. Together, the collaborative effort will ensure that the system aligns with the project specifications and meets the high-quality standards demanded by the client.

Qualified vendors interested in partnering with UKITES by PBC for this prestigious project are encouraged to reach out and express their interest at by June 25th, 2023. The email should include a short company profile, expertise and references, and proof of a background check.